Home - has a different meaning to everyone and these meanings can change over a lifetime. At this moment in time, my home means joy, sanctuary and independence. What does home mean to you?

Heart - I put my heart into every transaction to serve my clients. I provide my expertise with intelligence, intuition, empathy and integrity. I make a donation to a charity for every transaction that I close.

Harmony – the word has so many beautiful meanings that apply to how I approach my real estate business.

It starts with the harmonies that you hear in your head when you think about your next move, and the moment when you see the place that you next want to call home.

Harmony is the internal calm and tranquility that I strive to maintain for both my clients and me. Real estate transactions can be stressful, both works to make a transaction a period of relative harmony.

Harmony is a pleasing arrangement of parts and an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative or goal. In real estate it is all about partnerships and collaboration, when everyone integral to the transaction works together in partnership, and in harmony for the common goal. This I know makes a sale or a purchase work beautifully.

Harmony is agreement and accord, when everything falls into place and you close on your next home.

Maria is truly an amazing realtor! She has been working with my mom to sell her house and Maria is not only very knowledgeable she is also so patient, kind, and thorough. She is a true professional! She helped me purchase my home 8 yrs ago and I wouldn't trust my mom with anyone else.